$60.00 per person – 2 hours

Before working with your own dog, learn and practice basic training techniques in a fun and stress-free environment. Try out some different types of equipment, toys, and tools. And have fun with Tucker and Webster! Small class sizes ensure lots of practice time and individualized advice (and room for physical distancing).

Topics include: basic training theory, giving commands, giving rewards, timing, and common training mistakes.

Private Introductory Assessment & Training Session

$60.00 for 1.5 hours

Receive a detailed and personalized training plan and one-on-one coaching in training techniques at your home.

Follow-Up Sessions

$45.00 for 1 hour

Problem-Solving/Refresher Sessions

$45.00 for 1 hour

Get advice and support to address one or two training issues, or a quick refresher on training techniques.