Why Two Tails?

What training methods are used?

I teach training methods that are reward-based and force-free–using food, play, and praise for rewards and reinforcement. I never want dogs (or their people) to feel stress, anxiety, or discomfort during a training session as a result of the methods used.

The goal is to enjoy learning together!

Who it the trainer?

I know that learning can be stressful and frustrating, especially when things don’t go smoothly–I’ve been there! I have also personally had experiences with trainers that have left me feeling judged and guilty about my dog’s behaviour. This is no way to learn!

I have ten years of experience in teaching and coaching in healthcare. My goal is to use my experience to help people learn dog training methods in a fun and judgement-free atmosphere. I adapt my teaching approaches to individual people and their dogs so they can learn at their own pace, and in a way that works for them.

Does the trainer participate in on-going education?

I consider myself to be a learner as well as a trainer. In fact, I became a dog trainer in order to learn to be a better dog guardian/owner, and this is an on-going process. Please see Links & Ideas as well as The Adventures of Tucker & Webster to see what I’m learning and doing now.

Is the trainer respectful to you and your dog?

I strive to be respectful, professional, and honest. I understand that working with dogs can be fun, but it can also be frustrating, slow, and stressful… I’ve been there! I respect the learning process and will do my very best to create strategies that work for you and your dog.

Are you able to observe a class? Does the class look fun?

I would be happy to have a free consultation about what a training session or class looks like.

Rest assured, fun while learning is my goal!

Will the trainer be transparent and openly describe their methods?

Absolutely! In fact… try to stop me from describing rewards-based methods and explaining why and how they should be used. 🙂 This is foundational to learning. It’s also important that dog owners/guardians understand any side effects that might arise as a result, and how to minimize them. Ask me questions!!!

Does the trainer try to guarantee results?

I do not guarantee any results. If I’m unable to help, I will refer you onto other trainers and resources.

Does the trainer require vaccinations for groups classes?

At this time, I am holding group classes with people only. Participants in classes learn theory and skills without their dogs, and practice with Tucker and Webster.

If and when group dog classes are held, vaccinations will be required and dogs (and people) will need to be healthy to participate.

How does the trainer address behaviour problems?

If a dog’s behaviour is problematic or training is not progressing, it is important to think about all possible causes before jumping into solutions. Health problems can certainly be a cause! While I will never offer medical advice, I will certainly suggest consulting your veterinarian when I think your dog’s health might be concern.